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Gallic Royal Police


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Gallic Royal Police is the primary law enforcement body of the House of Gallia. It was formed by an edict of King Henry I in 1 AGS. According to the edict, the militia tasked to secure law and order in the new colony was renamed to the Royal Police and became one of the governmental institutions of the new state. However, it was not until 186 AGS when the first space detachments of the Police appeared in Gallia. Their formation was a response to increasing criminal activity in Ile-de-France space.

The first space pirates appeared in Gallia circa 180 AGS. Nowadays it is impossible to determine who they were or how they managed to get a base of operations, ships and weaponry. Most historians agree that the pirates who started attacking civilian ships in 181-182 AGS were most probably former Navy pilots employed by Unione Corse or by another large criminal organization originating from New Paris. They managed to retrofit several civilian spacecraft to carry a sizeable power supply and basic photon weaponry. At first, no one except the Navy had the firepower to counter the pirates. Some of the offenders' vessels were destroyed, but the effect was temporary. Every half a year or so new pirate ships appeared, targeting civilian convoys both in remote areas of Ile-de-France or next to the planet itself. Therefore, the tasks of routine patrolling and escorting were handed over to the newly created space detachment within the Royal Police. Its first pilots originated from the Navy, but the Police would soon start training its own pilots and build its own ships.

The role of the Police in the history if Gallia is a debatable subject even for those Gallic historians who are generally loyal to the Crown. On one hand, the Police did contribute to securing law and order in Gallic space. Police pilots saved many lives by preventing or fighting back the attacks of criminals and terrorists. On the other hand, the Police became known as one of the most corrupt institutions within the House. In the beginning of the 600s AGS, King Richard V launched a large-scale campaign against Police corruption and abuse, and it produced some positive results. However, the effect was mostly limited to planetside operations where journalists could hold Police officers accountable for their actions. In space, such accountability was almost nonexistent. With no media poking around, many Police officers found alternative ways to compensate themselves in their dangerous profession. Many collaborated with criminals like Unione Corse or Gallic Brigands in order to stage deliberate attacks against certain convoys and later request the convoy owners to pay for protection. Many officers were personally involved with smuggling drugs and other restricted commodities.

Towards 650 AGS, the number of reports that indicated the Police abusing its powers in space was so high that the Crown was pressed to take additional measures. In some of the more dangerous systems like Auvergne and Provence, Navy patrols were assigned to accompany or even fully replace the Police. However, the Police is a conservative institution that stubbornly opposed reform, and the government measures only had a limited effect. During the Second Gallic War, corporations and individuals willing to secure valuable cargo were ready to pay ridiculous compensations for protection in the chaotic environment of the warzone. Amounts of bribes went so high that some of the high-ranking Police officers without any family capital were able to purchase valuable property and businesses on New Paris and elsewhere. Several journalists who attempted to investigate the matter were killed in 724-727 AGS. Those behind the murders were never discovered.

Considering those facts, it is no surprise that the Royal Police has the reputation of a decayed and untrustworthy authority that needs an overall reform. Yet, the public rarely recalls that the majority of the Police pilots who patrol the space of Gallia are honest officers who do what they can to fulfil their duty to their nation, protect citizens from crime and violence, and bravely fight armed law offenders even in the situations when the foes have superior numbers and technology.

Faction Relations

Bretonia Armed Forces-0.65
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard-0.65
Bretonia Police-0.65
ALG Waste Disposal0
Border World Exports-0.65
Cryer Pharmaceuticals0
Interspace Commerce-0.3
Daumann Heavy Construction0
Kishiro Technologies0
Deep Space Engineering0
Synth Foods, Inc.0
Gateway Shipping-0.65
Orbital Spa and Cruise0
Republican Shipping0
Samura Industries0
Universal Shipping0
Planetform, Inc.0
Ageira Technologies0
The Admins0
Gammu Artificial Intelligence0
Blood Dragons0
Blood Dragon Guard0
Gallic Brigands-0.65
Corsair Guard0
Unione Corse-0.3
Farmers Alliance0
Independent Pirates0
Golden Chrysanthemums0
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard0
Liberty Separatists0
Junker Guard0
Coalition Military-0.65
Lane Hackers0
Lane Hacker Guard0
Hellfire Legion-0.65
Liberty Rogues0
Liberty Rogue Guard0
LWB Guard0
Molly Guard-0.65
The Maquis-0.65
Nomad Guardians-0.65
The Order0
Order Guard0
Outcast Guard-0.65
Bretonia Intelligence Service-0.65
Bretonian Privateers-0.65
Imperial Kusari Navy-0.65
Red Hessians-0.65
Red Hessian Guard0
Crayter Republic-0.65
Unioner Guard0
The Council-0.65
EFL Oil & Machinery0.65
Gallic Metal Service0.3
IDF Shipping0.65
Gallic Royal Intelligence0.65
Gallic Royal Navy0.65
Gallic Royal Police0.91
The Commonwealth0.3
Bounty Hunters Guild0
The Core0
Gas Miners Guild0
Gas Miners Guild Guard0
Independent Miners Guild0
IMG (Gallic Occupation)0
Zoner Guard0
Kusari Naval Forces-0.3
Kusari Naval Forces Guard-0.3
Kusari State Police-0.3
Kusari Police Guard-0.3
Liberty Security Force-0.65
Liberty Navy-0.65
Liberty Navy Guard-0.65
Liberty Police, Inc.-0.65
Liberty Police Inc. Guard-0.65
Kruger Minerals0
Rheinland Military0
Rheinland Military Guard0
Rheinland Police0