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EFL Oil & Machinery


Gallic Royal Navy, Gallic Royal Police, IDF Shipping


The Maquis, Gallic Brigands, Bretonia Armed Forces, Liberty Navy

Unlike other colonies in Sirius, the planets of Ile-de-France and other core systems of Gallia proved to have abundant supplies of oil. Utilizing nearly limitless oil deposits was more efficient for building up the new House than using other types of fuel and alternative means of generating energy. In 234 AGS (318 AS), a giant corporation named EFL Oil, of which the Crown owned a majority share, was formed to control all extraction, transportation, and processing of oil throughout Gallia. In 440 AGS, when space colonization was on the rise, EFL absorbed several large shipbuilding and engineering companies, becoming EFL Oil & Machinery S.A. (EFL). In its new state, the corporation was responsible for building many of the currently operating Gallic space stations, including several shipyards and space colonies. EFL, in cooperation with Ile-de-France Shipping, had also built the entire rapid space transportation system of Gallia that includes numerous jump gates and trade lanes. When the invasion of Sirius by Gallic forces began, further manufacturing of EFL's jump gate and trade lane component technology was licensed to Solar Engineering, so that EFL could focus on supporting the invasion forces. This decision remains highly controversial within EFL's management, but the Crown's involvement in EFL serves as a guarantee against Solar being able to supplant EFL's ownership of the technology.

Nowadays, EFL is the largest corporation in Gallia, with the total value of its enterprises estimated to be five hundred billion credits, and the number of employees counting as high as six million. It is operating in virtually every field of the Gallic economy, both planetside and in space. In addition to building stations, the corporation is also one of the largest station operators in Gallic space. Despite the enormous damage caused by the Second Gallic War, EFL had sizeable reserves that were used to compensate the losses. Yet, reserves are easily depleted, and the war is not yet over. Moreover, the Sirius invasion is now underway, which also puts the company under considerable strain due to its contracts with defense agencies and with the Royal Navy in particular. Other corporations operating in Gallic space are either smaller, like IDF or Solar, or are less dependant on the government, like GMS. EFL is often considered the symbol of excessive involvement by the Crown in Gallia's economy, which makes the corporation a favoured target for terrorist groups like the Maquis. All these factors combined are expected to cause serious problems for the corporation's long term finances unless it undertakes significant restructuring.

The space headquarters of EFL are located at Chartres Space Colony. Planet side headquarters, as with most other Gallic corporations, are located on New Paris.

Faction Relations

Bretonia Armed Forces-0.65
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard-0.65
Bretonia Police-0.65
ALG Waste Disposal0
Border World Exports-0.3
Cryer Pharmaceuticals0
Interspace Commerce0
Daumann Heavy Construction0
Kishiro Technologies0
Deep Space Engineering0
Synth Foods, Inc.0
Gateway Shipping0
Orbital Spa and Cruise0
Republican Shipping0
Samura Industries0
Universal Shipping0
Planetform, Inc.0
Ageira Technologies0
The Admins0
Gammu Artificial Intelligence0
Blood Dragons0
Blood Dragon Guard0
Gallic Brigands-0.65
Corsair Guard0
Unione Corse-0.3
Farmers Alliance0
Independent Pirates0
Golden Chrysanthemums0
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard0
Liberty Separatists0
Junker Guard0
Coalition Military0
Lane Hackers0
Lane Hacker Guard0
Hellfire Legion0
Liberty Rogues0
Liberty Rogue Guard0
LWB Guard0
Molly Guard0
The Maquis-0.65
Nomad Guardians-0.65
The Order0
Order Guard0
Outcast Guard-0.65
Bretonia Intelligence Service-0.65
Bretonian Privateers-0.65
Imperial Kusari Navy-0.65
Red Hessians-0.65
Red Hessian Guard-0.65
Crayter Republic-0.65
Unioner Guard0
The Council-0.3
EFL Oil & Machinery0.91
Gallic Metal Service0.65
IDF Shipping0.65
Gallic Royal Intelligence0.65
Gallic Royal Navy0.65
Gallic Royal Police0.65
The Commonwealth0.65
Bounty Hunters Guild0
The Core0
Gas Miners Guild0
Gas Miners Guild Guard0
Independent Miners Guild0
IMG (Gallic Occupation)0
Zoner Guard0
Kusari Naval Forces0.3
Kusari Naval Forces Guard0.3
Kusari State Police0.3
Kusari Police Guard0.3
Liberty Security Force-0.65
Liberty Navy-0.65
Liberty Navy Guard-0.65
Liberty Police, Inc.-0.65
Liberty Police Inc. Guard-0.65
Kruger Minerals0
Rheinland Military0.3
Rheinland Military Guard0.3
Rheinland Police0.3