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Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station's Information

Although Merthyr Tydfil was setup late in 816 AS to begin Beryllium extraction from the nearby planet Studland, the settling of the Torfaen Asteroid Field in the system gave the station a new role. Harvesting various Terraforming Gases locked in the icy asteroids proved less expensive to initiate, while offering a bigger profit margin, despite Gaian, Corsair and Molly raids against the miners and station. BMM sold the station to Planetform, and used the funds from that sale to establish a less expensive Beryllium mining operation in the Cambridge system instead.

Nickname: br16_03_base
Archetype: space_mining01
System: Poole
Location: G2
Owner: Planetform, Inc.

TODO: Loop over bribes offered here:

Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station's Equipment

Adv. Protector H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Protector L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Adv. Bulwark H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Bulwark L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Adv. Aegis H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Aegis L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Champion H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Barrier H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Brigandine H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Adv. Protector Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Adv. Bulwark Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Adv. Aegis Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Light Transport Graviton Shield Shield $600,000
Barrier Fr. Shield Shield $364,000
Brigandine Fr. Shield Shield $364,000
Medium Transport Graviton Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Molecular Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Positron Shield Shield $1,200,000
Wasp Cruise Disruptor Weapon $1,980
Hornet Cruise Disruptor Weapon $82,460
Train Cruise Disruptor Weapon $164,000
Mosquito Cruise Disruptor Weapon $192,000
Reinforced Cruise Disruptor Weapon $900,000
Maxim Chaingun Weapon $3,720,000
Flashpoint Weapon $180,310
Adv. Flashpoint Weapon $49,320
Heavy Flashpoint Weapon $130,700
Purple Goddess Chain Gun Weapon $142,000
Adv. Debilitator Mk I Weapon $62,450
Imp. Debilitator Mk I Weapon $184,600
Adv. Debilitator Mk II Weapon $64,450
Imp. Debilitator Mk II Weapon $186,600
Flashpoint Turret Weapon $22,310
Heavy Flashpoint Turret Weapon $142,310
Purple Goddess Turret Weapon $108,000
Adv. Debilitator Turret Mk I Weapon $49,320
Adv. Debilitator Turret Mk II Weapon $53,320
Dulzian Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Iron Hammer Transport Turret Weapon $400,000
Charon Transport Turret Weapon $350,000
Zapper Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Heavy Transport Turret Weapon $1,062,500
Transport EMP Defense Turret Weapon $8,650,000
Lyre Point Defense Turret Weapon $7,240,000
Transport Pulse Turret Weapon $300,000
Bretonia Transport Turret Weapon $230,000
Civilian Transport Turret Weapon $230,000
Light Mining Array Weapon $9,600
Small Mineral Extractor Weapon $9,600
Heavy Mining Array Weapon $25,000
Ross PB3 Weapon $62,450
Enfield PB4 Weapon $62,450
Ross PB6 Weapon $140,450
Ross Turret PB3 Weapon $49,320
Enfield Turret PB4 Weapon $49,320
Fortress CM Dropper CM $324,000
Sentinel CM Dropper CM $320,000
Silencer CM Dropper CM $318,000

Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station's Commodities

Blue Jillies $1,438 1 No
Consumer Goods $798 1 No
Deuterium $1,185 1 No
Drill Bits $342 1 No
Elixirs $1,992 1 No
Fluorine $149 1 Yes
Food Rations $352 1 No
Gin $891 1 No
H-Fuel $3,316 1 No
Hydrocarbons $1,764 1 No
Industrial Materials $1,610 1 No
Light Arms $2,376 1 No
Mining Machinery $899 1 Yes
Pharmaceuticals $2,551 1 No
Scientists $814 2 No
Side Arms $2,162 1 No
Slaves $4,069 1 No
Solar Panels $2,971 1 No
Synth Paste $1,489 1 No
Tea $1,854 1 No
Oxygen $75 1 Yes
Water $100 1 No
Guard Pilot $12,000 1 No
Sirius Credit Card (10.000) $10,000 1 Yes

Local News at Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station

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