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Sickle Mk II

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This is a particle-based weapon which, although delivering significant damage at a decent fire rate, requires enormous amounts of energy. This weapon is most effective against graviton shields, and weakest against molecular shields. This is the best Edge Worlds Particle Cannon available.

Sickle Mk II

Nickname: fc_ouk_gun02_mark05
Price: $160,500 Credits
Weapon Type: Particle
Hull Damage: 666
Shield Damage: 333
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 6750
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 0.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 700 m/s
Range: 714.98 m
Refire Rate: 4.00


Tayport Extension$160,500NewcastleCoalition MilitaryC5
Freeport 1$160,500Omega-3ZonersC3
Port Said$160,500Sigma-21The OrderG3
Carrier Alvin Katz$160,500Omega-47Coalition MilitaryE2 (3k above plane)
Freeport 6$160,500Tau-29ZonersD6
Kamchatka Station$160,500Omega-55Coalition MilitaryD7
Dagger Outpost$160,500Omega-55The CoreE6
Durban Station$160,500Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Alabama Shipyard$160,500Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Freeport 10$160,500Tau-37ZonersF4
Battleship Amenta$160,500Omicron BetaThe OrderB5 (4k above plane)
Freeport 5$160,500Omega-41ZonersD3
Freeport 9$160,500Omicron ThetaZonersE4
Corfu Base$160,500Omicron ThetaZonersC4
Corinth Research Station$160,500Omicron KappaZonersG2
Livadia Shipyard$160,500Omicron KappaZoner GuardC1
Lanzarote Station$160,500Omega-49ZonersD5
Zvezdny Gorodok$160,500Omega-52Coalition MilitaryD6
Mykolaiv Research Station$160,500Omega-52Coalition MilitaryH3
Sevastopol Depot$160,500Omega-52Coalition MilitaryD3
Zhukovsky Station$160,500Omega-52CoalitionF5
Planet Pygar$160,500Omicron ThetaZonersC4
Capetown Station$160,500Omicron MinorThe CoreE6
Darmstadt Depot$160,500StuttgartCoalition MilitaryG4
Freeport 8$160,500Sigma-15ZonersE5
Battleship Mars$160,500Omega-58The CoreF3
Planet Albegna$160,500Omicron TauOutcastsC4 (4k above plane)
Freeport 2$160,500BeringIndependent PiratesF5
Ames Research Station$160,500KeplerZonersD4
Shasta Orbital Skyhook$160,500BaffinZonersE3
Pueblo Bonito$160,500BaffinZoner GuardA2 (5k above plane)
Sedona Station$160,500BaffinZonersG3
Valravn Citadel$160,500InvernessAuxesiaE8 (21k above plane)
Battleship Atum$160,500CoronadoThe OrderF7 (-4k below plane)
Red Station$160,500ConnecticutPF08H4
Freeport 14$160,500AlbertaZonersF7
Bethlehem Station$160,500PennsylvaniaZonersE2
Nauru$160,500Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6
Planet Jiangxi$160,500Omega-52CoalitionF5
Yaren Base$160,500Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6
Freeport 11$160,500Omicron DeltaZonersD4
Dabadoru Station$160,500Omicron DeltaThe OrderB6
Cairo Station$160,500Omicron SigmaThe OrderC7
Battleship Thebes$160,500Omicron MuThe OrderE6
Taba Starbase$160,500Omicron MuThe OrderE6
Akabat$160,500Omicron MuThe OrderG3
Battleship Canaan$160,500???The OrderF7
Fort Carthage$160,500Omicron EpsilonThe OrderF6
Alexandria Research Station$160,500Omicron EpsilonThe OrderH5 (-3k below plane)