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This is a tachyon-based weapon that has the longest range of all energy-based weapons, but requires enormous amounts of power to fire. This weapon is most effective against molecular shields, and weakest against positron shields. This is the best Tachyon Cannon the LWB have to offer.


Nickname: fc_lwb_gun01_mark05
Price: $144,200 Credits
Weapon Type: Tachyon
Hull Damage: 648
Shield Damage: 324
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 6750
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 0.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Second
Projectile Speed: 700 m/s
Range: 700 m
Refire Rate: 4.00


Ronneburg Base$144,200Omega-5Red HessiansF4
Battleship Kassel$144,200Omega-5Red HessiansE3
Northeim Base$144,200Omega-54Red HessiansF5
Wolfsburg Shipyard$144,200Omega-54Red Hessian GuardF3 (2k above plane)
Viernheim Base$144,200Omega-47Red HessiansD2
Planet Tangier$144,200Omega-47Red HessiansD3
Planet Nuremberg, Bundschuh Supplies Warehouse$144,200MunichBundschuhG2
Davos Base$144,200ZurichUnionersG4 (-15k below plane)
Pacifica Base$144,200BeringUnionersC5
Cruiser Sachsenwald$144,200ThuringiaUnionersD6
Red Station$144,200ConnecticutPF08H4
Kaiserslautern Depot$144,200New BerlinBundschuhC6
Vierlande Prison$144,200HamburgUnionersD6
Cruiser Greifswald$144,200Omega-3GaiansB5 (2k above plane)
Bruchsal Base$144,200FrankfurtBundschuhF3
Leipzig Station$144,200DresdenRed HessiansC6
Bautzen Station$144,200DresdenBundschuhF4
Geneva Base$144,200Puerto RicoBundschuhF6 (22k above plane)
Vogtland Base$144,200DresdenRed HessiansD3
Leipheim Base$144,200MunichUnionersD2
Eltmann Moor$144,200MunichBundschuhA7
Cruiser Schwarzwald$144,200Omega-54UnionersB2 (6k above plane)
Krefeld Base$144,200CologneUnionersE3
Tennstedt Base$144,200ThuringiaBundschuhC2
Bielefeld Base$144,200Sigma-15BundschuhG7