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Dragon Secondary Turret

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The Nagakami is a smaller battleship turret used by the Blood Dragons. Only a few vessels within their ranks are capable of mounting this huge weapon - the aging Togo class battleships. The Nagakami is designed as a point defense turret, able to engage and destroy strike craft and gunboats with fast projectiles. It's reduced damage potential makes it unsuitable for targeting capital ships.

Dragon Secondary Turret

Nickname: fc_bd_battleship_turret02
Price: $1,000,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Neutral
Hull Damage: 2,900
Shield Damage: 1,450
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 100000
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 1,500 m/s
Range: 2000 m
Refire Rate: 3.03


Mito Shipyards$1,000,000ChugokuBlood Dragon GuardB2
Red Station$1,000,000ConnecticutPF08H4