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Bretonian Antimatter Cannon

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While antimatter weapons technology is nothing new to the Sirius sector, scientists at Cambridge were charged with finding ways to streamline and perfect existing weapons systems to make better use of Bretonia's limited bomber fleet. "Faster, safer, and more powerful" was the call-to-arms for researchers and engineers. The result is the "Cleaver," a prototype cannon made exclusively for the Bretonia Armed Forces.

This weapon deals 7.33x the listed damage to mid- and capital-size ships.

Bretonian Antimatter Cannon

Nickname: dsy_snova_bretlaw
Price: $7,025,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Laser
Hull Damage: 18,000
Shield Damage: 9,000
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 9200
Has Forced Orientation: Yes
Volume: 2.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 6 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 280 m/s
Range: 1600 m
Refire Rate: 0.17


Planet New London$7,025,000New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Southampton Shipyard$7,025,000New LondonGallic Royal NavyD3
Battleship Suffolk$7,025,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
BPA Newgate$7,025,000ManchesterBretonia PoliceC5
Liverpool Border Station$7,025,000ManchesterBretonia PoliceH4
Kingston Border Station$7,025,000ManchesterBretonia PoliceF2
Planet Cambridge$7,025,000CambridgeBretonia PoliceD6
Battleship Norfolk$7,025,000CambridgeBretonia Armed ForcesF5
Carrier Warwick$7,025,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
Planet Leeds, Resistance Base$7,025,000LeedsBretonia Armed ForcesE6
Battleship Essex$7,025,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
Battleship Ark Royal$7,025,000NewcastleBretonia Armed ForcesC3
Sunderland Research Station$7,025,000Planet DarlingtonBretonia Intelligence ServiceD4 (2k above plane)
Gateshead Station$7,025,000NewcastleBretonia PoliceD6
Scarborough Station$7,025,000NewcastleBorder World ExportsC3
Battleship Grimsby$7,025,000Planet DarlingtonBretonia Armed Forces GuardB7
Providence Station$7,025,000EdinburghBretonian PrivateersB2
Battleship Stirling$7,025,000Omega-49Bretonia Armed ForcesE4 (4k above plane)
Newbury Impound Complex$7,025,000PooleBretonia PoliceG2
Fort Winchester$7,025,000ManchesterBretonia Armed Forces GuardC5
Battleship Harlow$7,025,000ManchesterBretonia Armed ForcesB4
Planet Sprague$7,025,000Omega-3Bretonia PoliceD6
Battleship Macduff$7,025,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesF4
Hirschfield Base$7,025,000DrakeWildD4 (-6k below plane)
Bottrop Depot$7,025,000DrakeWildD5 (3k above plane)
Planet Gran Canaria$7,025,000Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Liner Verwood$7,025,000Tau-53Bretonian PrivateersD6
Grand Vista Orbital$7,025,000Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE3 (3k above plane)
Dunedin Station$7,025,000InvernessBretonia Intelligence ServiceB2
Red Station$7,025,000ConnecticutPF08H4