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Nomad Torpedo

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Nothing is known about this weapon.

Nomad Torpedo

Nickname: dsy_nomad_torpedo02
Price: $2,120,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Nomad
Hull Damage: 165,000
Shield Damage: 0
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 12000
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: Yes
Ammo Limit: 70
Projectile Hitpoints: 10,000
Is Dumbfire Projectile: No
Projectile Lifetime: 38 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 5 m/s
Range: 187.5 m
Refire Rate: 0.20
Is Cruise Disrupter: No
Explosion Radius: 96
Explosion Impulse: 0
Explosion Strength: 100


Unknown Object$2,120,000InvernessNomadsC7 (2k above plane)
Sesan Base$2,120,000Sigma-21WildF7
Recklinghausen Base$2,120,000Omega-58WildD3
Kaarst Drydock$2,120,000Omega-55WildH2 (3k above plane)
Valhalla Shipyard$2,120,000ThuringiaWildC5 (-9k below plane)
Fichtelgebirge Station$2,120,000???WildE5 (42k above plane)
Hirschfield Base$2,120,000DrakeWildD4 (-6k below plane)
Bottrop Depot$2,120,000DrakeWildD5 (3k above plane)
Battlecruiser Shounan-Tou$2,120,000Tau-44WildC7 (-8k below plane)
Planet Moros, Nomad Lair$2,120,000Omicron LostNomad GuardiansA3 (-3k below plane)
Nomad Lair$2,120,000Omicron ChiNomadsE7
Nomad Lair$2,120,000Omicron SigmaNomadsG5 (8k above plane)
Heaven's Gate$2,120,000TohokuWildD4 (1k above plane)
Battlecruiser Wyoming$2,120,000KeplerWildF5
Battlecruiser Trier$2,120,000HamburgWildB3 (-6k below plane)
Lichtenfelde Complex$2,120,000Omicron DeltaWildE2 (5k above plane)
Dur-Shurrikun$2,120,000Omicron IotaNomadsF6 (1k above plane)
The Ravine$2,120,000Omicron PsiNomadsD5
Nomad Lair$2,120,000Omicron EpsilonNomadsB2 (-3k below plane)