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Desolator Missile Silo

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The Desolator as a project was developed in an unusual way, in that the missile itself was designed before the launching mechanism. The concept was of a missile with a tremendous payload, but still small enough to be carried on a cruiser in sufficient numbers. The problem was the launching mechanism; a standard non-fixed launcher would have been far too unwieldy to mount and load. It was decided to fix this by creating a rotary-loading integral silo, which means it must be fired at a fixed angle away from the ship. This limits it to very long range engagement of very slow targets, but this is balanced out by the missile's terrifying speed and unmatched destructive capability.

Desolator Missile Silo

Nickname: dsy_desolator_missile
Price: $6,000,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Explosive
Hull Damage: 500,000
Shield Damage: 0
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 150000
Has Forced Orientation: Yes
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: Yes
Ammo Limit: 30
Projectile Hitpoints: 3,000,000
Is Dumbfire Projectile: No
Projectile Lifetime: 50 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 70 m/s
Range: 3500 m
Refire Rate: 0.04
Is Cruise Disrupter: No
Explosion Radius: 205
Explosion Impulse: 0
Explosion Strength: 100


Planet Leeds$6,000,000LeedsGallic Royal NavyE6
Carrier Warwick$6,000,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
Battleship Betheny$6,000,000CortezGallic Royal NavyD4
Fort Winchester$6,000,000ManchesterBretonia Armed Forces GuardC5
Battleship Harlow$6,000,000ManchesterBretonia Armed ForcesB4
Aland Shipyard$6,000,000Omega-3BMMF3
Battleship Guillestre$6,000,000Tau-23Gallic Royal NavyD4
Freeport 6$6,000,000Tau-29ZonersD6
Battleship Carcassonne$6,000,000CaliforniaGallic Royal NavyB6
Battleship Schwerin$6,000,000MunichRheinland MilitaryG2 (1k above plane)
Sesan Base$6,000,000Sigma-21WildF7
Kaarst Drydock$6,000,000Omega-55WildH2 (3k above plane)
Jakarta Orbital Colony$6,000,000Tau-44Independent Miners GuildB2
Carrier Hades$6,000,000Tau-31Crayter RepublicG3
Perpignan Spaceport$6,000,000RoussillonThe CouncilD5
Singapore Shipyard$6,000,000Tau-44Independent Miners GuildB2
Wolfsburg Shipyard$6,000,000Omega-54Red Hessian GuardF3 (2k above plane)
Niigata Star City$6,000,000Sigma-59Gas Miners GuildB4
Durban Station$6,000,000Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Alabama Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Corfu Base$6,000,000Omicron ThetaZonersC4
Livadia Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron KappaZoner GuardC1
Mykolaiv Research Station$6,000,000Omega-52Coalition MilitaryH3
Sevastopol Depot$6,000,000Omega-52Coalition MilitaryD3
Planet Pygar$6,000,000Omicron ThetaZonersC4
Issoudun Drydock$6,000,000EdinburghGallic Royal NavyF4
Battleship Embrun$6,000,000NewcastleGallic Royal IntelligenceG5
Avallon Station$6,000,000BurgundyGallic Royal NavyF4
Dijon Station$6,000,000BurgundyGallic Royal PoliceF4
Chalons-en-Champagne Station$6,000,000ChampagneThe CouncilF5
Antikythera Shipyard$6,000,000???CorsairsG2
Mito Shipyards$6,000,000ChugokuBlood Dragon GuardB2
Battleship Saumur$6,000,000PicardyGallic Royal NavyE6
Battleship La Fierte$6,000,000PicardyThe CouncilF4
Valetta Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsC5
Tripoli Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron GammaCorsairsD6
Venice Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron TauOutcastsH4
Corsica Outer Sanctum$6,000,000Omicron PhiOutcast GuardD4 (4k above plane)
Bastia Station$6,000,000Omicron PhiOutcast GuardD6
Rhodes Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron GammaCorsair GuardF5
Syros Shipyard$6,000,000Omicron XiCorsairsC5
Fort Leniex$6,000,000VespucciHellfire LegionG4 (21k above plane)
Sabah Shipyard$6,000,000CoronadoCrayter RepublicD2
Pecos, New Hope$6,000,000CoronadoCrayter RepublicG6
Pueblo Bonito$6,000,000BaffinZoner GuardA2 (5k above plane)
Heaven's Gate$6,000,000TohokuWildD4 (1k above plane)
Kure Shipyard$6,000,000New TokyoKusari Naval Forces GuardC3
Norfolk Shipyard$6,000,000New YorkLiberty NavyF5
Juneau Shipyard$6,000,000AlaskaLiberty Navy GuardF7
Red Station$6,000,000ConnecticutPF08H4
New Haven Station$6,000,000ConnecticutNeutralE5
Marshall Station$6,000,000BeringLiberty SeparatistsE7
Washington Shipyard$6,000,000VirginiaLiberty Navy GuardE7
Chesapeake Shipyard$6,000,000VirginiaLiberty Security ForceE7 (4k above plane)
Oder Shipyard$6,000,000New BerlinDaumann Heavy ConstructionF5
The Ring$6,000,000New BerlinDaumann Heavy ConstructionF5
Battleship Strausberg$6,000,000Sigma-21Rheinland MilitaryE6
Battleship Karlsruhe$6,000,000StuttgartRheinland MilitaryE3
Battleship Koblenz$6,000,000FrankfurtRheinland Military GuardB2
Battleship Altenburg$6,000,000Omega-7Rheinland MilitaryD4
Krefeld Base$6,000,000CologneUnionersE3
Battleship Bayern$6,000,000HonshuRheinland MilitaryF7 (7k above plane)
Fort Sommerda$6,000,000ThuringiaRheinland Military GuardF4
Battleship Kolleda$6,000,000Sigma-21Rheinland Military GuardC3 (12k above plane)
Altair Research Complex$6,000,000Omicron IotaWildB4
Battleship Thebes$6,000,000Omicron MuThe OrderE6
Fort Carthage$6,000,000Omicron EpsilonThe OrderF6