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Core Battlecruiser Primary Turret

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APM is well known for its incredible balance between quality and quantity. While never sacrificing one for the other, the Core maintains its competitive edge on weapon technology.

Core Battlecruiser Primary Turret

Nickname: dsy_corebc_heavy01
Price: $2,760,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Neutral
Hull Damage: 8,200
Shield Damage: 4,100
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 195000
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 3 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 900 m/s
Range: 2500 m
Refire Rate: 2.00


Durban Station$2,760,000Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Alabama Shipyard$2,760,000Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Red Station$2,760,000ConnecticutPF08H4