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Cruiser Ion Blaster

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This unusual cruiser weapon is a development by the mysterious “Cult of Technology”, and a very small number have been salvaged from their wreckages. The massive ion charge it fires neutralizes a target's power supply, draining huge amounts of energy from the ship's reactor. On a shielded vessel however, the neutralization will occur before affecting the ship's systems, making it suitable only against unprotected targets.

Cruiser Ion Blaster

Nickname: dsy_codecr_ionblaster
Price: $32,500,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Neutral
Hull Damage: 2
Shield Damage: 500,000
Energy Damage: 499,999
Gun Hitpoints: 150000
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 1,500 m/s
Range: 1800 m
Refire Rate: 0.03


Red Station$32,500,000ConnecticutPF08H4