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Battleship EMP Dissipation Field

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Another unusual prototype of unknown, possibly non-human origin, this peculiar device functions by releasing massive EMP charges in a general area. Only a handful have been discovered, on a wrecked ship drifting in the Edge Worlds. The devices are likely developmental, although for what purpose they were created and by whom remains unknown.

Battleship EMP Dissipation Field

Nickname: dsy_codebb_emfield
Price: $65,000,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Explosive
Hull Damage: 400
Shield Damage: 14,800
Energy Damage: 14,800
Gun Hitpoints: 350000
Has Forced Orientation: Yes
Volume: 5.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 0 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 1 m/s
Range: 0.05 m
Refire Rate: 0.04
Is Cruise Disrupter: No
Explosion Radius: 1000
Explosion Impulse: 0
Explosion Strength: 100


Red Station$65,000,000ConnecticutPF08H4