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Bluebell Chain Gun

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This tachyon-based weapon has a moderately fast rate of fire and good projectile speed, but requires more power to fire. This model has been designed specifically to be mounted on Light Fighter-class ships. It is most effective against molecular shields, and weakest against positron shields.

Bluebell Chain Gun

Nickname: dsy_bluebell
Price: $179,800 Credits
Weapon Type: Tachyon
Hull Damage: 443
Shield Damage: 222
Energy Damage: 0
Gun Hitpoints: 5500
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 0.0
Requires Ammo: No
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 700 m/s
Range: 595 m
Refire Rate: 6.67


Planet New London$179,800New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Waterloo Station$179,800New LondonInterspace CommerceD6
Invergordon Space Port$179,800InvernessJunkersE2
Ithaca Base$179,800Omega-7Independent PiratesH6
Tarancon Base$179,800Omicron MinorJunkersF5
Liner Brixton$179,800New LondonJunkersF6
Valley Forge Flight School$179,800PennsylvaniaInterspace CommerceE4
Alcara Shipping Depot$179,800Omicron TauJunkersG3 (-9k below plane)
Barrier Gate Station A$179,800CoronadoFreelancersB5
Barrier Gate Station B$179,800CoronadoFreelancersB5
Barrier Gate Station C$179,800CoronadoFreelancersB5
Planet New Tokyo$179,800New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Roppongi Station$179,800New TokyoInterspace CommerceD6
Planet Junyo$179,800ShikokuSamura IndustriesF4
Planet Manhattan$179,800New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Newark Station$179,800New YorkInterspace CommerceC4
Rochester Base$179,800New YorkJunkersC2
Beaumont Base$179,800TexasJunkersD3
Thunder Bay Depot$179,800OntarioJunkersG3 (5k above plane)
Planet New Berlin$179,800New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Kreuzberg Depot$179,800New BerlinJunkersC4
Heisenberg Research Station$179,800CologneFreelancersE7