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Anomaly Scanner

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The All-Range All-Purpose Science Suite (ARAPSS) has guided exploratory vessels throughout Sirius for centuries. The latest iteration, the Mark VIII, celebrates the 800th anniversary of the model with the most powerful and versatile toolset to date. Among the diverse array of software and hardware tailored specifically for deep space science missions, the Mark VIII has included a new addition to these missions: the "Augur" Active Probing Scanner. So named for its ability to scry and examine any object it comes across, the Augur has seen great success in analyzing a number of mysterious, formerly indecipherable discoveries. The Augur and its variants has become commonplace among Sirian and Gallic science ships and is commonly used to analyze Baxter anomalies and other oddities in the great black void. The device utilizes a charged tachyonic neutrino pulse to probe objects in a minimally invasive manner, though this is only possible through the use of disposable charges fired from an external launcher. As such, the Augur must use specialized batteries that are readily obtainable at most Sirian research stations.

*Requires Anomaly Scanner Batteries

Anomaly Scanner

Nickname: dsy_anomalyscanner01
Price: $12,000,000 Credits
Weapon Type: Neutral
Hull Damage: 2
Shield Damage: 2
Energy Damage: 1
Gun Hitpoints: 8200
Has Forced Orientation: No
Volume: 0.0
Requires Ammo: Yes
Ammo Limit: 150
Projectile Hitpoints: 2
Is Dumbfire Projectile: Yes
Projectile Lifetime: 1 Seconds
Projectile Speed: 1,100 m/s
Range: 990 m
Refire Rate: 1.00


Cambridge Research Station$12,000,000CambridgeCryer PharmaceuticalsD6
Sunderland Research Station$12,000,000Planet DarlingtonBretonia Intelligence ServiceD4 (2k above plane)
Atka Research Station$12,000,000Sigma-17Cryer PharmaceuticalsC3
Corinth Research Station$12,000,000Omicron KappaZonersG2
Mykolaiv Research Station$12,000,000Omega-52Coalition MilitaryH3
Melun Research Institution$12,000,000Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal IntelligenceG7
Calais Research Facility$12,000,000PicardyGallic Royal IntelligenceB2
Oerlikon Stellar Observatory$12,000,000ZurichEFL Oil & MachineryB5 (10k above plane)
Galicia Research Station$12,000,000Omicron BetaOutcastsC5
Ames Research Station$12,000,000KeplerZonersD4
Kansai Research Station$12,000,000HonshuKusari Naval ForcesC3
Willard Research Station$12,000,000CaliforniaLiberty NavyD6
Kodiak Research Station$12,000,000AlaskaLiberty Security ForceF2
Red Station$12,000,000ConnecticutPF08H4
New Haven Station$12,000,000ConnecticutNeutralE5
Heisenberg Research Station$12,000,000CologneFreelancersE7
Alexandria Research Station$12,000,000Omicron EpsilonThe OrderH5 (-3k below plane)