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Nickname: dsy_yacht
Price: $70,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Liner
Hitpoints: 120,000
Nanobots: 400
Shield Bats: 400

When men and philosophers first dreamed, they dreamed of the stars. To visit their gods residing with the heavenly kingdoms they had fashioned from their imaginations. Once that had been taken care of, they needed something of equal grandeur upon which to focus their fevered imaginations. Now when men dream, they dream of the Democritus, of pools laid beneath the stars, of bar service, of Zeus's chariot with their name on the deed, of Aphrodite admiring the trim, while Eris charts the party's course.

The final culmination of personal glory and accumulated wealth, the Democritus ferries her charges with agility, security and unmatched grace. With dual countermeasures, a slim profile and enough firepower to knock a small moon out of orbit, as once demonstrated against a hapless Maine by one furiously intoxicated Jay Simon of Interspace Commerce, there is no greater combination of style and security within the colonies of man.


Planet Curacao$70,000,000CortezOrbital Spa and CruiseD3
Baltimore Shipyard$70,000,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringE3
Planet Baden Baden$70,000,000StuttgartOrbital Spa and CruiseF6