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Nickname: dsy_vipermk2
Price: $2,175,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 14,000
Nanobots: 74
Shield Bats: 74

When it became apparant that even the Manaslu class fighters could not match the staying power of the old Crayter "Nyx" class fighters they were replacing, IMG engineers set out to modify the design to increase it's endurance. The resulting vessel is a brutal heavy fighter, with a large power core to power the strongest fighter shield and weapon arrays yet known to the IMG. Additional engine banks were needed to power the ship, but even with these, maneuverability suffered significantly.

While more expensive then the Manaslu, the Lhotse is considered the workhorse of the IMG fleet, serving in many roles ranging from protecting convoys, to heavy patrols.


South Shields Refinery$2,175,000NewcastleIndependent Miners GuildB1
Madeira Base$2,175,000Omega-47Independent Miners GuildB5
Falkland Base$2,175,000Tau-37Independent Miners GuildC6