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Nickname: dsy_viper
Price: $1,250,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 5,250
Nanobots: 44
Shield Bats: 44

One of the first ships developed in the Himalayan line, the Manaslu is a radical departure away from the traditionally sleek lines associated with the Crayter EVO series. The original design specifications called for a vessel with the firepower of the old EVO-1B "Charon" class fighter, but the maneuverability of the Eagle series. Midway during the design cycle, it became apparant a choice had to be made, as a heavier power core and weapons control system made the design sluggish. The result yielded two ships, the lighter Manaslu class fighter which favors maneuverability and speed, and the heavier Lhotse class fighter.

The Manaslu is often employed as a patrol ship. Cheap to produce and maintain, the ship relies on superior numbers rather then individual strength to defend IMG installations and convoys.


South Shields Refinery$1,250,000NewcastleIndependent Miners GuildB1
Madeira Base$1,250,000Omega-47Independent Miners GuildB5
Falkland Base$1,250,000Tau-37Independent Miners GuildC6