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Nomad Vagrant

Nomad Vagrant

Nickname: dsy_unique_4
Price: $3,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 12,200
Nanobots: 70
Shield Bats: 70

A modified form of the fearsome yet outdated Sascya morph, the Dione was intended by the Vagrants to be a heavily armed combat drone until a disastrous skirmish with a wing of Human fighters shattered their preconceptions.

Startled by how quickly human technology had advanced since their twenty year exile the Vagrants hastily relegated the archaic Dione to a less combat oriented role.

By reconfiguring its extensive array of weapon cysts and softening its outer membrane the one-time heavyweight was repurposed into an effective tunnel borer, currently being used to create a new hive for the Vagrants deep beneath the crust of planet Moros.

Due to the softened shell needed to survive its subterranean maneuvering the Dione is much less robust than its original form and, as such, a lone morph will display less aggressive tendencies towards intruders for the sake of its own survival.