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Outcast Light Carrier Prototype

Outcast Light Carrier Prototype

Nickname: dsy_unique_3
Price: $300,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Carrier
Hitpoints: 450,000
Nanobots: 1,000
Shield Bats: 1,000

Designed for the deployment Scimitar interceptors, the Misericorde-class Light Carrier is a full-scale upgrade of the Storta Destroyer chassis. Its small size relative to most conventional carriers enhances the potential to operate undetected in areas of interest for extended periods of time. The formidable and very expensive "Galacticus" Battleship-grade scanner array keeps the vessel well informed about its immediate vicinity. The primary dish dominates much of the vessel's profile, and its installation required the bridge to be moved forwards above the fore observation post.

The internal hangar bays are modified to house up to 24 fighter vessels on a permanent basis, with limited room for 2 extra vessels on a temporary basis. The ships are housed in custom-built shelves on the hangar walls to optimise usage of the limited space available. Serving as the mobile headquarters of the Maltese 75th "Mosquito Squadron", the Fenice D'Oro is the only ship of its type currently in service of the Maltese navy.