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Nickname: dsy_unique_2
Price: $12,700,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 17,200
Nanobots: 79
Shield Bats: 79

The "Obsidian", humorously dubbed as "Frankenstein's Bird" by its maker, is result of extensive modifications applied to the standard design of popular "Roc" bomber. Despite using the civilian bomber as a basis for its design, there's little left of the original ship in this unique modification. No longer considered a bomber, this ship shares more traits with fighters such as Gladiator and Avenger than the light bomber its hull once belonged to, and as the result of alterations ranging from a custom-made engine to a redesigned weapons control system, this vessel appears to have been exclusively optimized for the combat style of its owner.

Despite the well-recognized reputation of CTE series ships as being easily modifiable and adjustable based on each individual pilot's preferences, no modification of this extent had been successfully attempted in the past, and with details of this modification and its final design and blueprints remaining in the hands of its designer, no other pilot has been sighted making use of this vessel.