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Nickname: dsy_unioner_bomber
Price: $6,220,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 20,600
Nanobots: 105
Shield Bats: 105

When Liberty's war with Rheinland threatened to choke off the Unioners' ability to purchase civilian fighters on Liberty's black market, the Unioner's expert engineers and ship builders used the Roc bomber as a starting point for designing their own heavy bomber. The Solidaritat bomber is more heavily armored and less agile than the Roc, but uses a more powerful reactor that gives it the ability to deliver a punishing amount of damage onto its targets. Used mainly to attack Republican Shipping convoys in blindingly destructive ambushes, the Solidaritat also poses a significant threat to the Rheinland capital ship fleet if it manages to spring an ambush while the Military's fighter cover is occupied elsewhere.


Davos Base$6,220,000ZurichUnionersG4 (-15k below plane)
Cruiser Sachsenwald$6,220,000ThuringiaUnionersD6