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Nickname: dsy_tribun
Price: $106,480,000 Credits
Ship Class: Transport
Hitpoints: 142,000
Nanobots: 500
Shield Bats: 500

The Raba transport started life as a failed Corsair warship design. Initially produced as a prototype to phase out the venerable M26, it was too large and slow moving even for the Corsairs. To avoid the loss of all the invested credits, The Corsair Council contacted friendly groups and offered the prototype and the design copies for sale. The Hogosha were the only interested group, and the project went to them. Corsair engineers stripped the prototype of all its high tech equipment and installed a Samura power core provided by the Hogosha. The final result provides greatly enhanced cargo hold, crew amenities and grace of movement. Samura was not willing to build further numbers in their own shipyards to avoid more internal and external diplomatic complications so The Farmer's Alliance offered to produce the Raba at their shipyards at Cape Soya Station, in exchange for the permission to build a number for their own purposes. Today, the Raba is active among both the Hogosha and Farmer's Alliance fleets.


Cape Soya Station$106,480,000TottoriFarmers AllianceG4
Skiros Station$106,480,000Omicron GammaCorsairsD3