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Nickname: dsy_transport
Price: $4,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Transport
Hitpoints: 50,000
Nanobots: 200
Shield Bats: 200

In the economy of the Sirius system, all of the Houses benefit from the everyday service of this craft. being one the first modern commercial transport class ships designed, while no one house has been credited the very basic design, but without its creation, it is widely known that Sirius today would be a very different place. Having two Cargo Pods in its underbelly, the Transport's design is based solely on function. Not a flashy ship, the Gull is the mainstay of every shipping corporation within Sirius.


Valley Forge Flight School$4,000,000PennsylvaniaInterspace CommerceE4
Milford Base$4,000,000PennsylvaniaXenosD6
Planet Nuremberg$4,000,000MunichRheinland PoliceG2