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Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Nickname: dsy_tigershark
Price: $1,592,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 3,900
Nanobots: 36
Shield Bats: 36

The Tiger Shark is a unique vessel with its foundations in the bygone days of Rheinland's commercial might, designed as it was to serve the desires of the young, the rich and the reckless as a sporty racing vehicle. Those Sharks seeing modern production are engaged in more militaristic ventures, from escorting Republic convoys to serving as enforcement vehicles for off duty members of the Rheinland Military or Police looking to bring in bounty money by hunting down pirates and dissidents. While considered expensive to some, the Tiger Shark is a solid workhorse vessel capable of delivering plenty of punch to folks wishing to ruin a good day.


Wichter Station$1,592,000Sigma-15ALG Waste DisposalH4 (8k above plane)
Cruiser Sachsenwald$1,592,000ThuringiaUnionersD6
Bonn Station$1,592,000New BerlinInterspace CommerceC5