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Nickname: dsy_thor
Price: $6,480,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 23,900
Nanobots: 160
Shield Bats: 160

The "Thor" was developed by the Red Hessians as an answer to the ever increasing Rheinland Military presence in Dresden and Frankfurt. A key point in it's development was the defection of several high profile military engineers, who helped adjust and refit the existing Odin fighter with the necessary equipment and technologies (used in the comparable ship of the Rheinland Military), in order to allow it the usage of high powered torpedoes capable of taking down capital ships. The end result is a highly mobile and armored bomber, ideal for fast attacks upon exposed targets in all environments.


Northeim Base$6,480,000Omega-54Red HessiansF5
Viernheim Base$6,480,000Omega-47Red HessiansD2