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OSC Shuttle

OSC Shuttle

Nickname: dsy_taurus
Price: $5,170,300 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 24,000
Nanobots: 145
Shield Bats: 145

The Taurus is a tentative first step into the open ship market by the long standing leisure giant Orbital Spa and Cruise. The company, famous for its outstanding resorts and iconic liners, seeks to expand upon its passenger centric business by producing an entirely new line of ships tailor-made to suit their exclusive clientele.

Designed primarily as a shuttle for moving small groups of VIPs, the Taurus was built to ensure those aboard will always reach their destination with it's heavy armour and sizable array of weapons. This charging bull makes an unappealing target for pirates and kidnappers alike.

With such a formidable combination of firepower and protection it comes as no surprise that Orbital Spa and Cruise has begun fielding a stripped down version of the Taurus as its premier fighter escort to protect their assets in style.


Planet Curacao$5,170,300CortezOrbital Spa and CruiseD3