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Nickname: dsy_taiidan_hf
Price: $932,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 8,400
Nanobots: 54
Shield Bats: 54

The Crow Nebula has long been one of the silent warzones of the Sirius sector. From the early attempts at conquest by Rheinland to pressures from rival Kusari firms and Outcast assaults, the Gas Miner's Guild has forever been hard pressed to keep its holdings secure, the gas moving and its shareholders happy

The T-493 space superiority fighter is the backbone of their ongoing efforts to maintain civilization in regions that are anything but. The superior agility of this heavy fighter provides it with a strong edge against the lumbering bombers that could threaten their claims and the deadly accuracy provided by the numerous sensory systems required to operate in a region as chaotic as the nebula ensure the hasty disabling of enemy vessels, or to perform scans to secure new forward claims.


Battleship Daishouri$932,000Sigma-21Gas Miners GuildF2
Aomori Station$932,000HonshuGas Miners GuildG4