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Rheinland Pirate Cruiser

Rheinland Pirate Cruiser

Nickname: dsy_starhauler
Price: $161,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Cruiser
Hitpoints: 280,000
Nanobots: 720
Shield Bats: 720

The Hel class cruiser is an early Red Hessian capital ship project that has since been superseded by the heavier Vidar. While not as powerful as the Vidar, the Hel is smaller and more maneuverable. Although still in active service, it is considered an obsolete design by the Red Hessians, and various ships of this class have been sold off or turned over to Hessian allies.


Pacifica Base$161,000,000BeringUnionersC5
Vogtland Base$161,000,000DresdenRed HessiansD3