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Nickname: dsy_somtaaw_lf
Price: $1,480,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 5,200
Nanobots: 45
Shield Bats: 45

An old design that has been continuously updated and upgraded, the Surveyor is one of the few ships that still has its roots back in Sol. A large number of these vessels was loaded on each sleeper ship, designed to allow the fledgeling colonies to quickly send out scouts, in order to seek out resources that could be used to make the new colonies prosper. Lightly armed and armored, these craft depend more on agility than endurance to perform their jobs.

Typically armed with a limited number of concussion torpedoes, a few light blasters, a small mining laser and sampling equipment, a Surveyor's primary task is to seek out the richest pockets of high grade resources, so the larger mining vessels can come in and harvest them. The torpedoes are generally used to break up larger asteroids, but threatened miners have been known to employ them defensively. Cheap to operate, a number of companies have begun using the Surveyor as an auxiliary mining vessel, using it to speed up existing mining operations without risking more costly assets.


Thames Outpost$1,480,000New LondonBMMD6
Battleship Hood$1,480,000DublinIndependent Miners GuildD4
Arranmore Base$1,480,000DublinMollysC6
Rugen Station$1,480,000Omega-3Daumann Heavy ConstructionF6
Planet Tomioka$1,480,000NaganoSamura IndustriesG5
Philadelphia Station$1,480,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.D3
Essen Station$1,480,000New BerlinKruger MineralsD3
Raubling Station$1,480,000MunichDaumann Heavy ConstructionG5