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Nickname: dsy_somtaaw_fr
Price: $3,520,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 21,200
Nanobots: 170
Shield Bats: 170

The first attempt at creating an autonomous deep space mining vessel rolled off the production line at Edison Shipyard, Colorado around 312 AS. A direct result of the Colorado Silver Rush, many smaller entrepreneurs wishing to risk their fortunes on striking silver invested their entire savings into one of these vessels. Capable of self-sustained deep-space flight for over 3 months, the vessel is considered to be autonomous within a solar system. It does not have the capability to bridge the stars themselves unassisted, however. Edison Shipyard flourished for over two centuries, its interior construction bays filling orders of these craft as fast as it could produce them. As word of these vessels spread to the other Houses (in no small part due to Interspace pushing it's trade lane network outward) additional orders began to pour in.

The ship has been upgraded over the years, but the basic framework has remained the same. A generous crew compartment capable of housing five people, adequate regenerative life support systems, and a cargo pod capable of storing up to three months worth of provisions have all been added. Three independent reactors keep the craft's systems powered, and allow for the strongest defensive measures a ship of its size can muster.


Thames Outpost$3,520,000New LondonBMMD6
Garvagh Base$3,520,000Omega-49MollysB6
Rugen Station$3,520,000Omega-3Daumann Heavy ConstructionF6
Ennibeck Spaceport$3,520,000Omicron DeltaDaumann Heavy ConstructionF6
Java Station$3,520,000Tau-23IMG (Gallic Occupation)E3
Planet Denver$3,520,000ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Essen Station$3,520,000New BerlinKruger MineralsD3
Raubling Station$3,520,000MunichDaumann Heavy ConstructionG5