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Nickname: dsy_salvager
Price: $105,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Transport
Hitpoints: 150,000
Nanobots: 550
Shield Bats: 550

Built to harvest larger amounts of riches from the debris fields of Sirius with a dizzying array of tool arms, generous cargobay and powerful tug capable engines results in an unmatched ability to salvage even the largest parts from space while at the same time protecting them from anyone that might oppose them.

The hallmark of the most successful clans within the greater Junker community, the Salvage Frigate class, while built upon the same basic core philosophy, grows to be as varied as the families that crew them with each passing generation. As such the vessel is never seen outside of the hands of Junkers, as the ship is by no means sold, so much as it is almost grown through years of combing and love of their crews.


Vieques Shipyard$105,000,000Puerto RicoJunkersC7 (10k above plane)