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Rogue Destroyer

Rogue Destroyer

Nickname: dsy_ridgeback
Price: $171,200,000 Credits
Ship Class: Destroyer
Hitpoints: 295,000
Nanobots: 750
Shield Bats: 750

Long before it became apparent that the eminent discontinuation of the RM-1 Outcast Destroyer would pose a severe threat to the tactical operations of their organizations, the Liberty Rogues and Mollys found themselves meeting again to discuss possible solutions to the heavy burden the technically complex Outcast vessel was placing upon their mutual resources.

With the decision that a possible replacement vessel could be in order, the best minds available were recruited at gunpoint and put to work with utmost secrecy to craft a capital class vessel capable of defending critical infrastructure against the heaviest of hostile incursions. Composed of a heady blend of the best in available Outcast operational technology and robust design ethos, the Scylla is the pride of the factions who crafted her.


Foyle Shipyard$171,200,000PooleMollysB2 (15k above plane)
The Nonsense Factory$171,200,000GalileoLiberty RoguesG3