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Nickname: dsy_rhbomb
Price: $6,480,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 14,000
Nanobots: 75
Shield Bats: 75

The original N01 Rheinland Bomber was crafted as an almost reflexive move on the part of the Rheinland military to the disasterous losses of their assumingly immortal capital ship fleet at the hands of the GMG during the 80 year war. Pressed with the task of constructing a vessel capable of slipping past blockades to strike at vital supply depots and stations seemingly beyond the reach of the Chancellor's flag fleet. These early bombers were little more than cumbersome energy plants wrapped in armor, built in haste from the scavenged remains of gunboats taken from assembly lines.

The modern "Snubnose" Rheinland bomber bears little resemblance to its predecessor. Ultra compact, sleek and possessing the height of Rheinland's renowned reactor technologies, the N58 is a testament to lessons learned and the murderous efficiency of the Chancellor's Military.


Recklinghausen Base$6,480,000Omega-58WildD3
Battleship Strausberg$6,480,000Sigma-21Rheinland MilitaryE6
Battleship Karlsruhe$6,480,000StuttgartRheinland MilitaryE3
Geneva Base$6,480,000Puerto RicoBundschuhF6 (22k above plane)
Battleship Kolleda$6,480,000Sigma-21Rheinland Military GuardC3 (12k above plane)
Battlecruiser Trier$6,480,000HamburgWildB3 (-6k below plane)