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Rheinland Carrier

Rheinland Carrier

Nickname: dsy_rh_carrier
Price: $480,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Battleship
Hitpoints: 1,700,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 1,600

Equipped with a bay capable of hosting two dozen fighters, the main purpose of the vessel, similarly to its larger Libertonian counterpart, is to serve as a mobile base of operations for fighter-based combat while providing heavy fire support. Its massive armament of twelve turrets of the heaviest sort is capable of nullifying threats up to a Liberty dreadnaught, while its relatively small size also lets the vessel perform evasive maneuvers if overwhelmed. In the meantime, the pair of launch tubes, sheltered from enemy fire due to their location in the rear, can unleash a deadly wave of Rheinland's ferocious fighters to deliver a wave of destruction to the enemy force.


Fort Sommerda$480,000,000ThuringiaRheinland Military GuardF4