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Nickname: dsy_revolution
Price: $7,550,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 24,700
Nanobots: 170
Shield Bats: 170

A result of the XKR Project, the Revolution Bomber is the most powerful variant of the highly modular XKR-151-A "Partisan" Light Fighter. Modified to be a deadly solution to the problem of hostile capital ships, the Revolution accomplishes this task with brutal efficiency.

As with all other ships of the XKR Series, the Revolution is highly modular, allowing any damaged parts to be replaced quickly and new ones to be integrated into the design with ease. In addition, the Revolution uses the "Ares" Pod which houses its deadly antimatter cannon, allowing for easier maintenance and repair of its primary weapon.


Carrier Alvin Katz$7,550,000Omega-47Coalition MilitaryE2 (3k above plane)
Zvezdny Gorodok$7,550,000Omega-52Coalition MilitaryD6
Darmstadt Depot$7,550,000StuttgartCoalition MilitaryG4