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Repair Ship

Repair Ship

Nickname: dsy_repair
Price: $2,745,000 Credits
Ship Class: Repair Ship
Hitpoints: 24,800
Nanobots: 300
Shield Bats: 300

The one truth of the universe is that nothing lasts forever. No ship, no station is eternal. For centuries, the Mender and its ancestors have been on the front lines of humanity's battle against chaos and decay, and installations like Newark can attest to their value. Several companies claim to have built the original model that would later become the Mender. But in truth, within the simple, utilitarian frame of the Mender lies a mongrel ship born of all four Houses and their common need.


Garvagh Base$2,745,000Omega-49MollysB6
Battleship Macduff$2,745,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesF4
Valetta Shipyard$2,745,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsC5
Planet Kyushu$2,745,000KyushuKusari State PoliceF3
Fort Wakkanai$2,745,000HokkaidoKusari Naval ForcesG3
Norfolk Shipyard$2,745,000New YorkLiberty NavyF5
Nauru$2,745,000Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6
Planet Hamburg$2,745,000HamburgRheinland PoliceF3