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Hellfire Legion Battleship

Hellfire Legion Battleship

Nickname: dsy_recusant
Price: $470,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Dreadnought
Hitpoints: 2,900,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 2,000

The Arbiter is the next step in the evolution of the Spyglass-class Battleship which, according to rumors, originated as an electronic warfare Battleship originally designed by the Liberty Security Force. The latest incarnation is a very large vessel capable of fulfilling many roles, a result that rivals the Navy's venerable Dreadnoughts in flexibility and even surpasses them in adaptability and firepower, owing to a highly-modular design convention based on decades of research taken from the original Spyglass design.

Regardless of the extensive weapon emplacements scattered across the ship's massive hull, the Arbiter stays true to its origins as ship designed for electronic warfare. Armed to the teeth with jamming devices and EMP weaponry and some of the most advanced sensor and networking systems to ever grace the modern battle-field, its main role is to serve as a mobile command post and battle-carrier, able to both house vast amounts of strike-craft in its spacious hangar bays and coordinate them with unsurpassed efficiency. Much like most carriers, its sheer size makes the Arbiter vulnerable in long-range engagements, especially when challenged by Cruisers or Bombers.


Fort Leniex$470,000,000VespucciHellfire LegionG4 (21k above plane)