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Nickname: dsy_raider_fr
Price: $2,395,000 Credits
Ship Class: Freighter
Hitpoints: 25,800
Nanobots: 130
Shield Bats: 130

The vast holds and deft maneuverability of the Combat Service Vehicle and Collector had long served the Junker's salvage operational needs well. What those vessels lacked in hardiness was more than supplemented by a defense far stronger than any armor: the Junker's mastery of political intrigue, corruption and hard won establishment of the necessity of their presence.

Then came an enemy who had no regard for such things: The Wild.

Operations at Yanagi depot had hit a major snag. Combat enforcement were hard pressed to deal with the near-constant presence of the deadly hybrid vessels, especially with the majority of their fighting presence being placed in a position of holding off Hogosha incursions while attempting to mute their military presence in the heartland of the Gas Miners Guild.

The swift answer came in the form of the CSF. With vastly improved cargo capacity, shielding and defensive capabilities the vessel quickly proved itself as an able frontline salvage operator. Slight increases in cost were more than made up for in a marked increase in performance in nearly every respect.


Bornholm Depot$2,395,000Omega-55JunkersE4
Foster Base$2,395,000KeplerJunkersF3 (1k above plane)
Allentown Base$2,395,000PennsylvaniaJunkersC5