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Pirate Train

Pirate Train

Nickname: dsy_pitrain
Price: $90,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Train
Hitpoints: 125,000
Nanobots: 450
Shield Bats: 450

The Pirate Train is the largest transport-class vessel available for the Sirius pirates. Although offering an increased cargo bay, this ship has weaker defensive capabilities than the Pirate Transport. Using the Pirate Train on long and risky routes is considered inefficient; however, it comes in most handy on shorter routes between nearby unlawful bases. Ships of this type are also used for supplying pirate capital ship fleets with H-Fuel and other necessary goods.


Tayport Extension$90,000,000NewcastleCoalition MilitaryC5
Invergordon Space Port$90,000,000InvernessJunkersE2
Ciutadella Outpost$90,000,000Omicron KappaCorsairsG6
Alcatraz Depot$90,000,000CaliforniaLiberty RoguesF5
Vieques Shipyard$90,000,000Puerto RicoJunkersC7 (10k above plane)
Bielefeld Base$90,000,000Sigma-15BundschuhG7