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Rogue Gunboat

Rogue Gunboat

Nickname: dsy_pi_gunboat
Price: $27,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunboat
Hitpoints: 95,000
Nanobots: 290
Shield Bats: 290

Developed by the Liberty Rogue engineers at Buffalo, the Rogue Gunboat is known as a clumsy and roughly constructed ship. However, in skillful hands this inexpensive gunboat can become a devastating weapon due to its formidable armor and advanced power array. Liberty Rogues are not only using the gunboat for their own purposes in the Liberty systems and the Independent Worlds; many ships of this class are sold to Mollys of Dublin to aid their endless struggle against the Corsairs.


Foyle Shipyard$27,000,000PooleMollysB2 (15k above plane)
The Nonsense Factory$27,000,000GalileoLiberty RoguesG3
Alcatraz Depot$27,000,000CaliforniaLiberty RoguesF5