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Nickname: dsy_persephone
Price: $1 Credits
Ship Class: Dreadnought
Hitpoints: 2,900,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 2,000

Leviathan class Warship

The Leviathan was discovered a long time ago by Zoner deep space explorers. It was half buried in the sands of a barren high gravity planet and lifted into space with great effort.

Later it was brought to the heavy shipyard now known as Livadia Shipyards. Almost the entire Zoner capital ship fleet is derived from the technology gained from this ship. Little is known about it and Zoners never tell anyone but the most trusted about it.

The ship's frame is supported by a superstructure that allows this ship to be significantly larger than any other ship in Sirius, a technology that was used in the derived Nephilim designs. Its armor consists of ablative plating, capable of reflecting most energy weapons, making the shell of this ship one of the heaviest while at the same time being relativly thin. The ship is powered by a singularity reactor which Zoners managed to reactivate and maintain, but do not understand well enough to replicate.

Generous spacing for the crew, heavy weapons, and multiple shield generators round out the ship. To date, Zoners have managed to restore the original wreck and deploy it as a guard ship, but little is known about the ongoing project "Leviathan."


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