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Nickname: dsy_odin
Price: $1,995,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 11,400
Nanobots: 64
Shield Bats: 64

The "Odin" is presently considered as the workhorse of the Red Hessians, destined to slowly replace the Border Worlds fighters as the mainstay of their forces in the Edge Worlds. Designed as a heavily armored version of the Loki, this fighter exhibits high speed and maneuverability while still offering a good degree of protection from both environmental hazards and enemy gunfire. Its well calibrated stern mounted reactor allows the ship to keep its engines on high power, while still allowing it to deliver an energy weapon punch worthy of its namesake.


Northeim Base$1,995,000Omega-54Red HessiansF5
Viernheim Base$1,995,000Omega-47Red HessiansD2