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Nickname: dsy_oc_vhf
Price: $1,755,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 12,000
Nanobots: 66
Shield Bats: 66

The heaviest space superiority fighter to date in the CQ "Conquistador" series of Outcast fighters is the Rapier. A massive fighter that rivals the legendary Sabre in agility and firepower, it is nevertheless maintains the Outcast design philosophy of favoring agility over armor. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the Rapier is one of the most dangerous ships one could encounter.


Planet Malta$1,755,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Dreadnought Captana$1,755,000Omicron PhiOutcast GuardD4 (2k above plane)