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Outcast Battle Transport

Outcast Battle Transport

Nickname: dsy_oc_btrans
Price: $108,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Transport
Hitpoints: 166,250
Nanobots: 500
Shield Bats: 500

The Aspis transport represents a significant and unusually late shift for the production lines of Maltese shipyards. Though many Outcast shipwrights had long designed transports, the more influential Dons relegated Maltese production facilities to the construction and maintainance of warships in their bloody war against the Corsairs.

After relying upon third parties for vessels with which to spread the Orange Dream across Sirius over the centuries, recent developments made it clear that only a finely crafted Maltese vessel would be able to brave the Taus without relying solely on luck. Old, patchwork designs such as the Pilgrim and Pitbull were simply not up to the task of evading or combatting the Gallic invaders.

The aptly named Aspis was the solution pitched by Malta's engineers, and eventually settled upon by the Council of Dons. Sleek, stylish, and well armed, the Aspis is expected to ensure that Malta's vital trade arteries remain unrivaled throughout Sirius.


Venice Shipyard$108,000,000Omicron TauOutcastsH4