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Nomad Gunship

Nomad Gunship

Nickname: dsy_no2_gunship
Price: $6,525,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 30,000
Nanobots: 270
Shield Bats: 270

The Anzu appears to be a hybrid between the Rabisu's terrifying mobility and the Nammu's thicker hide. Mostly observed escorting groups of smaller craft, the Anzu is able to maneuver even through the most contested patches on a battlefield and avoid most of the fire directed its way. Its unique, lithe frame makes it nauseatingly difficult to hit even from up close, although the design philosophy with this species seems to have heavily favoured mobility over firepower or sustainability, as the Anzu is exceedingly vulnerable to enemy snubcraft as soon as its veil is depleted.

Still, the Anzu is a terrifying enemy to face, as it is extremely disruptive, all the while appearing as uncaring and persistent as any Nomad.


Dur-Shurrikun$6,525,000Omicron IotaNomadsF6 (1k above plane)