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Nomad Light Fighter

Nomad Light Fighter

Nickname: dsy_no2_fighter_alt
Price: $2,960,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 6,000
Nanobots: 45
Shield Bats: 45

Only recently understood by Humans, the so-called Nomad Light Fighter is in fact a form of Nomad that has not matured. Their connection to the Mindshare is not fully developed yet. Top Zoner scientists believe that they have been sent out into Sirius to learn, to gather, and to return as fully mature members of the Mindshare, however, aggressive behaviour from these immature Nomads is not unheard of.


Planet Moros, Nomad Lair$2,960,000Omicron LostNomad GuardiansA3 (-3k below plane)
Nomad Lair$2,960,000Omicron SigmaNomadsG5 (8k above plane)
The Shrine$2,960,000UnknownNeutralF3
The Ravine$2,960,000Omicron PsiNomadsD5
Nomad Lair$2,960,000Omicron EpsilonNomadsB2 (-3k below plane)