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Nomad Battleship

Nomad Battleship

Nickname: dsy_no2_battleship
Price: $500,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Battleship
Hitpoints: 2,000,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 1,700

Over the course of the year 824 AS these Nomad specimen have gradually superseded the previous Marduk species that has roamed the far reaches of the Omicron systems since the end of the Nomad War. The new Marduk's main body can be separated in three main parts that are roughly spherical and connected through a narrow column that is vulnerable to attacks. Through the opaque skin bathed in its own bioluminescence, gestating shapes are occasionally visible, giving credence to the theory that these Nomad specimen, are, in fact, breeders able to reproduce asexually or a type of carrier, able to transport smaller Nomads. However, nobody has ever observed the process given the novelty of this species and therefore, the theory is doubted in the scientific community, given that the Nomads have also multiplied before this Nomad species appeared.

Like the other new Nomad species, the Marduk also sports an array of undulating tendrils of light that are arranged symmetrically around its massive body. Smaller Nomad ships tend to flock around these tendrils and follow the Marduk as it moves just to flit away suddenly. Specked with weapon cysts across its entire mass, the Marduk is a formidable enemy that fights ever more viciously the more injuries it sustains. However, its death appears to momentarily disorient smaller Nomad ships in the vicinity.


Altair Research Complex$500,000,000Omicron IotaWildB4