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Nickname: dsy_mjolnir
Price: $5,170,300 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 28,300
Nanobots: 250
Shield Bats: 250

The Rheinland Federal Police needed a ship capable of dealing punishment to smugglers and pirates alike, and Oder Shipyard delivered. Packing a huge power core, superior shielding and armor, and weapons hardpoints to spare, the Mjolnir is designed to give the Police the heavy hand they need to deal with well-armed unlawfuls. It is the difference between a SWAT team, and a lone cop on the beat. Never intended to be capable of lasting in massed fleet engagements, but rather the ship is built to last until help arrives.


Battleship Schwerin$5,170,300MunichRheinland MilitaryG2 (1k above plane)
Valhalla Shipyard$5,170,300ThuringiaWildC5 (-9k below plane)
Passau Outpost$5,170,300MunichRheinland PoliceG6