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Nickname: dsy_mistral
Price: $1,045,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 3,900
Nanobots: 40
Shield Bats: 40

Built upon a foundation of simple construction, light manufacturing costs and ease of maintenance coupled with a top notch ejection system the Mistral is the craft of choice for untested Brigands looking to steal their claim to the world.


Valence Base$1,045,000DauphineGallic BrigandsF6
Montbard Base$1,045,000BurgundyGallic BrigandsB5
Beaumont Base$1,045,000Ile-de-FranceGallic BrigandsD3
Salbris Base$1,045,000OrleanaisGallic BrigandsG4
Pelussin Base$1,045,000LorraineGallic BrigandsF6