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Nickname: dsy_mercatante
Price: $2,715,000 Credits
Ship Class: Freighter
Hitpoints: 24,500
Nanobots: 115
Shield Bats: 115

Even though Corsairs use transports for their main shipments, a smaller freighter has advantages when it comes to smuggling. Thats why the Correo was constructed, a fast and powerful freighter with an adequate cargospace. It is so capable in fact, that it is even used for piracy and raids.


Lagos Depot$2,715,000Sigma-13CorsairsF6
Leon Base$2,715,000Omega-41CorsairsD6
Amorgos$2,715,000Omicron XiCorsairsB5 (-2k below plane)
Tinos Outpost$2,715,000Omicron XiCorsairsB2